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She's a curious sort of girl, that one ♔

ver10. The Boosh Is Loose

25 May 1989
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//rude and not ginger//
Rina. Twenty One. Female. Green eyes. Brown hair. Extraordinarily pale. Raging Gemini. Evil little Dane by blood. Canadian by birth. Bibliophile. Sarcastic. Music freak. Addicted to tea. I'm often immersed in my own overdriven imagination. I like to make new friends :D
//music is the glue of the world//
Apocalyptica. David Bowie. Die Ärzte. Dir en grey. DumDum Boys. Frank Sinatra. Kaiser Chiefs. Kaizers Orchestra. Katzenjammer. Metallica. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. OOOMPH!. Raga Rockers. Rammstein. Rufus Wainwright. Scala and Kolacny Brothers. Skambankt. Snow Patrol. Sportfreunde Stiller. Tom Waits. Tool. T.Rex. Volbeat. Wir sind Helden.
//tv and films//
TV: Peep Show. Queer as Folk. Doctor Who. The Mighty Boosh. True Blood. Metalocalypse. This Hour Has 22 Minutes. SCTV. Mad Men. Nevermind The Buzzcocks.
Films: Good Bye Lenin!. Bridget Jones's Diary. Max Manus. Mannen som elsket Yngve. Withnail and I. This Is England. Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo. Fargo. Waiting For Guffman. Så som i himmelen.
//the rest//
The Sims. History. Old Photography. Tea. Writing. Studying Languages. Making Graphics. Harry Potter. Theatre. Pointless Roadtrips. James Hetfield. Christoph Schneider. Janove Ottesen. Terje Vinterstø. Arsenal F.C.

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